Hi! I’m Rhys

Welcome to This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass is a newsletter providing analysis of the business side of technology and media. Here, we’ll study the undercurrents that drive brand decisions, while deconstructing the strategies and tactics of Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, in the tech and media space.

It’s written by me, Rhys Wallace (@rhyswallaceco), a brand strategist and growth marketer currently based in Nantes, FR.

Having worked at leading brands such as Kappa and Capgemini / Sogeti with a focus in product, design and marketing strategy, I now work as a consultant for technology and media brands, helping them build, refine, and execute strong, lasting brand strategy.

Beginning my studies in the field of visual communications strategy, receiving a diploma in brand communications, I went on to obtain a degree in marketing strategy with a focus in growth strategy from UC Berkeley.

It was through this process that I fell in love with the intrigue for the factors which constitute good strategy versus bad strategy, and the impact they have on brands, businesses, and wider society.

We’re living in an era where technological innovation is being made more accessible to the masses. News of it, though, is harder than ever to keep up with. Harder still, is truly understanding and making sense of the hidden meanings of the developments in technology and media we’re faced with everyday.

In today’s world, news is fleeting.

I created this newsletter as a chance to offer a step back, to assess and to analyse the rapidly changing landscape of tech and media, and its impact on our society. After all, through the ups and downs of these volatile times, the reassurance of a single adage rings true as ever before:

This too shall pass.