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I created This Too Shall Pass as an outlet through which to explore the world of finance, fintech, and, more broadly, money.

It’s written by me, Rhys Wallace (@rhyswallaceco). I’ve worked as a brand strategy consultant, and today, I work on product at Qonto, France’s leading fintech company, building the future of banking for small businesses and freelancers.

Beginning my studies in the field of visual communications strategy, receiving a diploma in brand communications, I went on to obtain a degree in marketing strategy with a focus in growth strategy from UC Berkeley.

Sure enough, these studies didn’t lend themselves to much of a deep dive into the world of finance. For many years, though, I’ve found myself fascinated by how finance and our systems of money themselves reflect who we are, and how we behave.

That’s why I created this newsletter. To learn more!

I believe writing about a subject is one of the best ways to learn something about it. It forces you to clarify and distill your thinking in order to generate any new insight.

In today’s world, news is fleeting.

My goal with this newsletter is to offer a chance to slow down, to understand and to analyse the rapidly changing landscape of fintech and finance, and how the notion of money itself impacts (and is impacted by) our societies.

We all fall prey to recency bias from around-the-clock news. It’s easy to lose sight of long term trends in favour of short term headlines. In sharing my explorations and learnings here, I want to try to make sure we never lose sight of a timeless fact through volatile times — this too shall pass.

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